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Uhhh... I draw Mario stuff.. uhhh yeah.. Mario stuff.. =P And other stuff too so I just draw a whole bunch of stuff. Yeah, stuff. So ask me to draw stuff because I draw stuff! :XD:

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About commissions~
I currently do not do them, but in the future I will. Remember that, I WILL TAKE COMMISSIONS SOME DAY. If you are interested in commissioning me, just look out for me opening them. I'll be sure to post a journal explaining my guidelines whenever I do open them. In the mean time, check out my journal about why I don't take them currently and you will understand my reasons.… In the mean time, just be very patient. Thank you.:aww:
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About requests~
Listen, I am not saying I won't do any ever again, but I will mainly do them for good friends. If I don't know you at all or I don't know you much, I won't do a request for you. I'll randomly choose who I'd want to make a pic for if not a request from them, it will be a gift!;P stamp: giftart by imgoingtothemoon I just don't have time for doing a lot of requests anymore.

What I will accept~
From now on I am only accepting art trades and collabs. One day I will open on commissions, just not now. And people who want requests, are only for people I am VERY close with on dA. Sorry new watchers, have to earn your place.:) So be sure to check here and my journal for when I have art trades and collabs open! That's all!


:star:Preferences for arttrades:star:

-Your skills must be higher or close to my own in terms of art quality

-If your skills are not as good as mines, I go by style. If I really like your style, I will trade with you

-Work is not rushed. I must feel as though your trade was not rushed and I will see that when I take a gander at your gallery. If you just work fast period and your art looks very good that is fine.

-Friends: there are many exceptions I will do trades with friends because most of the time I love the art work they post anyways. But if I haven't faved any of your art, its because you don't post any or I don't think you are good enough/ or I don't like your style much. (Again, no offense to anyone because I do appreciate the fact that you still try!:nod: Don't feel discouraged by this because I mean no harm)

-Watchers: If I watch you and you are interested in doing trades with me, I will most likely do a trade with you if I faved a lot of your art work. But I first have to learn that I can depend on you to deliver your side and not make me wait too long!


My own list of least to most fav Mario Kart games

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 23, 2014, 10:26 AM
Since Mario Kart 8 has been announced, I thought it would be fun to come up with my own personal list of all of the Mario Kart games that I played that are my most and least favorite in the series. I'll be sure to update this list whenever I get a Wii U and play most of what Mario Kart 8 has to offer. I am going to go into quite a bit of detail with all of my choices. More enough for your to understand why I have them wherever on my list.

If you want to make your own list in the comment section, by all means you can.:aww: You don't have to have played ALL of them to make your own list either. If you want to keep it simple, you can make your list with very little to no explanation why each is where it is. Just have fun with it. Now I am going to start from least favorite to most and try not to get offended by why some of my choices and located where they are. This is my personal preference in the series and I can say without a doubt the Mario Kart series is my most favorite out of the entire Franchise. I always loved racing games and Mario Kart has truly increased my love for them. Anyways, heres mines. x3

7. Super Mario Kart: While I know this may hurt fans that love the game that first started this beloved series, keep in mind that while it's my least favorite, doesn't mean I don't like it at all. The main reason why I have it as my least fav is because it wasn't the first I ever played. The first was Mario Kart 64. The main reason it's my least favorite is because, 1 even though you can get a higher top speed from collecting coins, if you lose all your coins from getting hit by items, hazards or other CPUs (I am uncertain if the same thing applies a human player since I always had to play alone) bumping into you, if you are bumped into or even simply touched without coins, you will always spin out.

So while it seems like you have more of an advantage over CPUs because they have their own limited special items to attack you in comparison to how many you can get, in a way it makes you weaker than them because not once do I remember bumping into CPUs where they lose their own coins just like you do, or even spin out by you bumping into them because of them lacking coins. I believe I would have loved this game a lot more if it wasn't for those reasons. Even though the controls are also a downside to the game, I wouldn't say it's enough to make this my least favorite. Everything I mentioned before takes the cake. So please don't take it personally because it seems like the challenge in the game is more unfair than it is fair. I will say this though, I love most of the tracks in this game even though Rainbow Road in this game has to be the hardest out of all the Rainbow Roads in the series. I probably would have been able to enjoy the track more if I sadly didn't lose all of my coins and constantly spinning out because of CPUs bumping into me.

6. Mario Kart 64 Even though this was the first Mario Kart game I played, doesn't mean it is going to be highest on the list because that would make me biased. I had to put it slightly higher than Super Mario Kart for the snes because of a few reasons. One, even though the CPUs are even cheaper than they are in Super Mario Kart, what only makes up for their cheapness in my opinion are the simpler controls and the fact that if you get in 5th of lower on a track, you get infinite tries. So for instance the CPUs win more cheaply than usual, you can wait for the CPUs to finish until you can get 5th or lower, so you have a better shot at winning the track next time. I believe I also enjoy the tracks in the game more so than Super Mario Kart, but only slightly. I am sure if I didn't enjoy Bowser's Castle, Koopa Troopa Beach, Toad's Turnpike and Rainbow Road so much in this game, I would have loved all the tracks in both games equally.

5. Mario Kart Super Circuit
Now, this game is so close to me having no problems with it, but the reason why I love it more than Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario Kart are for a few reasons. 1, it was the first in the series to introduce retro tracks (well at least from Super Mario Kart anyways) it blended both Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64's features together but made them better, and there were even fewer tracks in this game that I didn't like in comparison with the other two (excluding the included tracks from the original Super Mario Kart.) In fact, whenever a retro track is in the newer Mario Kart from this game, I always get excited. I fangasmed when I seen Sky Garden in Mario Kart DS. I couldn't be happier since that track is my most favorite in Mario Kart Super Circuit. Another favorite of mines was Doughnut Plains from Super Mario Kart. Two more I'd like to see in future Mario Kart games is the Rainbow Road from this game and Ribbon Road return the most. Now... onto the complaints. Just like Super Mario Kart, if you get bumped into by CPUs when you have no coins you are completely helpless and spin out. The good side of this though, I actually managed to avoid this happening more so in this game than I did Super Mario Kart for 2 reasons. 1, I believe the controls are smoother in this game (may not be as much as Mario Kart 64, but I definitely believe it's better than Super Mario Kart) and 2, there are even more coins you can collect on the tracks than you can in Super Mario Kart for the most part. One of the coolest things about this game I believe that it blends both Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64's graphics, gameplay and track design all together but I believe it's even better because well they made some improvements and I really believe the CPUs are not as cheap, especially compared to Mario Kart 64.

4. Mario Kart Wii
Now this game may shock people that this isn't my first or second favorite, but I have my reasons. While I love nearly all the tracks in the game, there are three factors that bother me the most. There are even more overpowered/ bad items in the game, the CPUs are just as cheap as Mario Kart 64's and while the online mode is fun, I much enjoyed playing with my friends than I did regional or worldwide. My least favorite item in the entire Mario Kart series is actually from this game. Believe it or not, I hate it more than the Blue Shell but the main reason why I don't hate the Blue Shell more is, it's mostly annoying to people that are in first (I deal with getting hit by it a lot because of this =/) there are a few ways to avoid getting hit by it, and sometimes if your lucky, it may only appear once or rarely no times per race. The Thunder/ Lightening Cloud is my most least favorite item in Mario Kart history and I am so glad I haven't seen it return yet. I wish I can say the same about the Blooper. XP Anyways, I hate it so much because it's worse than the Lightening. If you possess it when it finally strikes you are completely helpless because you are the only one that shrinks if you have it. While you can get rid of it by passing it to someone else, getting a star or shooting out of a canon/ something like it, most of the time when you do get it, it is at the worse possible time and it serves practically no use besides speeding you up or screwing someone else up. The CPUs while not as bad as Mario Kart 64's, the rubber banding is still very annoying when it comes to CPUs. While Mario Kart games are skill and luck based, I find myself more so having to get lucky winning than from mostly skill. As for playing online, I don't have to go into much detail. Hackers, items are still a pain. Troll racers and the fact that the point system racing world wide or regional in this game disappoints me. Just because I have a lot of VR points, doesn't mean I should lose a good chunk of my VP points just because I didn't get in the top three or first. Most of the time when this does happen to me, it's mostly because of the game being unfair. Nonetheless, I still find MKW a very enjoyable Mario Kart game, with great tracks, great character selections/ roster and great vehicles to choose from including the bikes. Plus the fact that playing online with no visible lag is a plus!:boogie: 

3. Mario Kart Double Dash
Let's get ready for the top three favorites of mines. MKDD seems to be hated and loved by many Mario Kart fans. I'm one of the few that loves it, a LOT. While I wish the tracks were longer in this game, that still is a poor reason to dislike it because the tracks are still over all well designed and that is something the Mario Kart series has always been best at. What makes me loves this game so much is because I believe it's the most unique out of all of them (for now.) It's the only Mario Kart game that allows you to play with two characters instead of one and you can switch between them however you like. What makes it even cooler is that every set of usually teamed up characters has their own special items that others can't use (excluding King Boo and Petey Piranha. I think they could have been a little bit more creative with them. ^^; ) Another thing I loved is the fact that before Mario Kart Wii, I never had to worry so much about that blasted Blue Shell in comparison to that game. I could win mostly all races with pure skill and the CPUs were not as cheap to me. Even though this game lacked retro tracks, I did very much enjoy doing All Cup Tour and it would be awesome to see it return as well as using two characters. Just to make sure we satisfy everyone, I believe that they should make it optional for you to choose one character to play as in races or battles, and two characters along with racing with others that also play as two. While I believe the battle mode isn't better than Mario Kart Wii's it was still very fun just like all the other Mario Kart games battle modes. I truly enjoyed this game so much and I still do and being able to choose two of your favorite characters instead of just sticking with one, truly felt special to me. Gosh I love playing as both Bowser and Yoshi so much. <3

2. Mario Kart 7
is a fantastic game and while I'm still pretty new to it in comparison to the others, this game offers so much. One, it bought back the coin feature, but what I love about it more so than Super Circuit and Super Mario Kart, is even though you are restricted to only getting 10 coins, you never have to worry again about spinning out when other racers bump into you. Even the CPUs don't spin you out! So I am so glad Nintendo fixed this. :D The most new noticeable thing most people like about the game, including myself is being about to glide in the air and swim underwater without easily drowning. This was a clever idea and it didn't make it seem like it was copying off of Diddy Kong Racing (which is also another racing game I love a lot) because most of the time you are still driving in your karts. Plus the fact that you are limited to how long you can swim underwater and glide in which ever tracks, makes it less like DKR. Another great thing about this game that I liked were the customizable karts.

I have my personal favorites to put together, but the game play never seems like it goes stale because of how many kart combinations you can choose from. Plus I believe the online mode in this game is much better than it was on Mario Kart Wii even though it tends to lag a little sometimes. The game is more fair to you when it comes to racing online and getting VR points and also the fact the communities leave a lot of room for diversity. Plus knowing that you can still have fun racing online without being restricted to only playing World Wide or Regional is a plus. While the Blue Shell is still a pain in the neck in this game, at least I no longer have to worry about the Thunder/ Lightening Cloud, terribly cheap CPUs and losing a good chunk of a VR points online because of me not always getting in the top 3. I am also very pleased to mention that Mario Kart 7's Rainbow is incredibly fun, beautiful and not overly challenging even though one of the reasons why I love Rainbow Roads because they are challenging. Also them bringing back Super Mario Kart's Rainbow Road worried me a lot, but since losing all of your coins isn't so much a hinderance anymore besides not having the best top speed, the track for me is more enjoyable than it was on Super Mario Kart because of this.:aww:

1. Mario Kart DS it was so difficult putting this at number one when I love Mario Kart 7 the second most, but try to understand why. This was my most favorite Mario Kart for a long time and  surprising it still is, but we will see if that changes by time I play Mario Kart 8. It did what Mario Kart Super Circult did first, it bought back previous tracks, but this time it wasn't from just one Mario Kart game. Again the CPUs were not too cheap to me. It also has a few of my most favorite tracks in the entire series even though nearly all of them are great including the retro tracks. Rainbow Road specifically is my most favorite out of all of them in this game believe it or not. While it is short just like MKDD's for it's time, I still enjoyed it more because it used it's short length to it's fullest potential. Being it felt like a classical yet new Rainbow Road track, is also why I enjoy it so much. Plus the music is also my most personal favorite out of all Rainbow Road tracks. I also believe the difficulty is well balanced. Mario Kart DS is also special because it was the first to support Nintendo Wifi matches and even though the later games offer more, I still believe it deserves some extra credit because it was the first on an handheld instead of a home console. Now THAT is impressive. The only downside is the hackers, but that suffers from the same issue that MKW did. Only difference is, this should have been fixed by time that game came out. Another thing I enjoyed was the battle mode and it seemed to also be the first to allow you to race CPUs instead of hoping you had other people to play with.

One thing that this game specifically offered that the others didn't that I wish would return just like MKDD's two characters in one kart, is the mission mode. I had so much fun doing the missions and it even offered more variety to the game besides just normal racing and normal battling. It's also challenging to get a 3 star rank in all the missions. Two more things I love about this game is the fact that if you complete enough requirements in the game, you can use ANY kart with any character, even the ones that were specifically made for certain characters to use. While their stats are not exactly the same and some characters look silly riding in certain karts, it still was a great feature because if certain characters weaknesses discouraged you from using them, that can all be fixed by picking a Kart that improved their weakest stats. Second is that while every Mario Kart player can easily learn to play most of the games, I loved the fact that if you got skilled enough with the game with certain Karts, you can learn to use the snaking technique. This was especially helpful once you were able to use any kart with any character, that way you wouldn't be restricted to who you can use and who uses it more effectively. While many say it's a cheap way to win races, it totally takes skill to learn how to use it properly, so don't whine because you can't do it. I am sure anybody can learn how to with enough practice. This technique made it possible for me a 3 star rank on everything, including the grand prix races, because whenever I tried to do it the normal way, the best ranks I could get was 2 stars. But thanks to me learning how to do one of the most tactical and difficult techniques to master in the game, makes me truly believe I am a great Mario Kart gamer.:heart::star:

Anyways, that was much longer than I expected, so I respect anybody who reads every detail that I described on this list. Now if you have your own list, you can post in the the comment section, but if you have a lot of specifics on why what is where on the list, make your own journal and link it to me. I'll be sure to check it out in the future. Thanks for reading!:la:

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