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About Digital Art / Artist My name is NOT MOMMY. XDFemale/United States Groups :iconhail-lord-bowser: Hail-Lord-Bowser
One and only, King Koopa ♥
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Uhhh... I draw Mario stuff.. uhhh yeah.. Mario stuff.. =P And other stuff too so I just draw a whole bunch of stuff. Yeah, stuff. So ask me to draw stuff because I draw stuff! :XD:

Art Status

dont take requests stamp by ohhperttylights Art Trade Stamp by ChibySmiley528 Stamp: Collabs - Closed by czupa-czups
Read Comments by LumiResources Sorry if I don't reply Stamp by LiquidKrystal It's Okay to Fav and Run by TricksyPicksy I Don't Mind +Favs w/out Comments! - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

About commissions~
I currently do not do them, but in the future I will. Remember that, I WILL TAKE COMMISSIONS SOME DAY. If you are interested in commissioning me, just look out for me opening them. I'll be sure to post a journal explaining my guidelines whenever I do open them. In the mean time, check out my journal about why I don't take them currently and you will understand my reasons.… In the mean time, just be very patient. Thank you.:aww:
Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke No Commissions by SweetDuke

About requests~
Listen, I am not saying I won't do any ever again, but I will mainly do them for good friends. If I don't know you at all or I don't know you much, I won't do a request for you. I'll randomly choose who I'd want to make a pic for if not a request from them, it will be a gift!;P stamp: giftart by imgoingtothemoon That does not mean I will do gift art for you if you ask for it, that is no different than asking for a request. I just don't have time for doing a lot of requests anymore.

What I will accept~
From now on I am only accepting art trades and collabs. One day I will open on commissions, just not now. And people who want requests, are only for people I am VERY close with on dA. Sorry new watchers, have to earn your place.:) So be sure to check here and my journal for when I have art trades and collabs open! That's all!

Art trades~

:star:Preferences for art trades:star:

-Your skills must be higher or close to my own in terms of art quality

-If your skills are not as good as mines, I go by style. If I really like your style, I will trade with you

-Work is not rushed. I must feel as though your trade was not rushed and I will see that when I take a gander at your gallery. If you just work fast period and your art looks very good that is fine.

-Friends: there are many exceptions I will do trades with friends because most of the time I love the art work they post anyways. But if I haven't faved any of your art, its because you don't post any or I don't think you are good enough/ or I don't like your style much. (Again, no offense to anyone because I do appreciate the fact that you still try!:nod: Don't feel discouraged by this because I mean no harm)

-Watchers: If I watch you and you are interested in doing trades with me, I will most likely do a trade with you if I faved a lot of your art work. But I first have to learn that I can depend on you to deliver your side and not make me wait too long!

Side note: If you happen to meet all my preferences and qualifications in terms of doing an Art Trade with me and I still don't agree to do one, the biggest reasons are I am either very busy/ don't have time or I simply do not know what I'd like you to draw for me on your end currently. When I can think of something that not only I believe you will have a easy or fun time doing but also something I'd love to have, then there won't be any further complications. Suggestions are not necessary because both participants should know what they'd want the artist to draw. That will be all. :)



Mood: RelievedRelieved 

Hey guys!:wave: I just wanted to do a journal asking what you guys think about fandoms in general. Like give me your opinion whether you think they are good or bad. Like name which ones you think that are good and ones you think that are bad if you want. I personally think it's more so in the middle overall. Like they are neutral over all. However they can be just like alcohol. For example: it's alright to drink every now and again (which I don't at all xD), but over drinking can be a horrible experience and poisonous. Which is sad BECAUSE so many people over drink and the same applies to people getting overly involved in fandoms which in the end feels poisonous as well. Theres also this video which you can find here:  
that goes into a great amount of depth concerning the subject and I find it very accurate about fandoms as a whole. As for me though through my personal experiences in many ways, I find more harm than good about fandoms BUT.... it wasn't ALWAYS this way and thats why people still become a part of them. Because through all of the dirt, theres a priceless gem found deep within the earth's crust. In other words, not EVERY person within a fandom is bad. If anything, we should circle around the people within a part of a fandom where we can relate to and or respectfully converse with and sometimes it's right in front of our faces, but we spend too much time pushing through the masses to find it.

By gosh again I have to mention how much I HATE what the Koopa fandom has turned into (which I have talked about in a previous journal years ago), but I still have a fair share amount of friends that not only share much of the same views as me, but also with the different views we share relating to our key interests, we still can respect each other and shape what we enjoy as a whole into something more complex and engaging. But seriously, check the video out when you have time and perhaps it will help you realize that you shouldn't give up what you love and are passionate about BECAUSE of the dirty side of a fandom. You should more so REMOVE the people that ruin the experience for you out of the picture and stick with those that cater to your fandom preferences.:thumbsup: Like I refuse to hate on my favorite characters, shows, video games, movies, celebrities and etc. all because of the possible crap that comes from their respective fandoms because the fandoms are not why we grew to love them in the first place! I suggest you do the same.:salute:
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My name is NOT MOMMY. XD
Artist | Digital Art
United States
My birthday badge
About me: I love to draw (mostly Mario, Kirby, and other Nintendo favorites.) I love playing video games and using the computer. Love role playing and writing fan fictions. I am a pretty good singer, but I kinda have stage fright. X3 I'm a very nice person and I love to do everything I can to make my friends and people happy. :cuddle: I also am all about love so if you need someone to talk to about any problems, I'm your girl. :33 :hug::glomp: I also am kinda odd/ different and if I weird you out sometimes.. sorry. I mean no harm. :noes: I'm also a goof ball! :iconexcitedplz: I love to be funny! :iconohjoyplz:

Likes: Nintendo (Is da bomb!! :headbang:) Bowser, my childhood character idol. :iconiloveyouplz: I love you baby.:heart::iconblushingplz: Yoshi, another childhood character idol. Yoshi is the best dino ever, how could you NOT like Yoshi?! :love: My main favorite Mario characters are Bowser, Yoshi, Wendy Koopa, Larry Koopa, Ludwig Von Koopa, Roy Koopa, and the rest of Bowser's Koopalings and his koopa minions. Princess Daisy, Luigi, Toad, Shyguy, Rosalina, Toadette and Birdo. =D (I have other favorites but those are my mains! :clap:) I love animals, especially reptiles! ^-^ :heart: I also like friendly people who like to listen to what you have to say. I like people that are honest, loving, caring, understanding, humorous, friendly, and a few flirty boyz (the right kind of course. =P). :flirty::nod:

Dislikes: Amy Rose (too obsessive over Sonic. :X) I don't like, rejecters, rude people, liars, judge type people (the kind that poorly judge you as a person overall because they may not like a few things about you. This can lead to them being completely disrespectful towards you even though you could be a good person overall), gossipers, haters, perverts (the untrustworthy and sick minded kind :bleh::angered:) and Bowser haters.(the RUDE and immature kind) :disbelief: Not to mention I HATE Bowser x Peach as a pairing. You won't have to worry about me ranting on pics of them, but don't expect me to like them either.

That's pretty much all about me. :iconx3v2plz: So don't be one of my dislikes right now.. (Poorly judging.)



-----///-----♥Autism awareness
---|||---|||---I'm autistic and
---|||---|||---proud of it
-----///-----put this on your
-----///----profile if you support
----///-----or have autism♥

Current Residence: In your mind. >:3
Favourite genre of music: R & B, Soft R & B/ Classical R & B, Rock, Soft Rock, Smooth jazz, Trance/Techno, Dance, Pop, Alternative and Video game.
Favourite photographer: Many.
Favourite style of art: Cartoons and anthro.
Operating System: Not telling.Lol
MP3 player of choice: Sony!
Shell of choice: Bowser's? X3 Lol Yeah. Bowser's! ^^
Wallpaper of choice: Bowser, bowser, bowser and uh, MORE Bowser! XD
Skin of choice: I like any.
Favourite cartoon character: Bowser, Yoshi, Wendy Koopa, all the Koopa minions and Koopalings and more. X_x Yes its a long list!
Personal Quote: "Bowser is always super mega ultra dynamic sexy!!" X33

:star::huggle:Best friend forever that I know in person!!:huggle::star:

:glomp: dA Brothers. :glomp:

:hug: dA Sisters. :hug:

:boogie: My awesome best friends! :boogie:

:deviation:Peoples art that I love.:deviation:
(Note: You don't have to be great at drawing to be on this list and you don't have to be great at drawing to be considered an artist. ;P)

My Plz accounts: :iconwendykoopaplz::icon1stbowserplz::iconjonnykoopaplz::iconsexybowserplz:

And for the ones I didn't place up yet, believe me, I will! =D


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