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February 16, 2012
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::.Bowser's Inferno.:: by Bowser2Queen ::.Bowser's Inferno.:: by Bowser2Queen
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After talking to :iconmrddragon: the other day, it kinda made me feel bad that I put koopa art on the side lines considering I used to draw it so much in the past. I still love Koopas, I just wanted to give other fandoms a shot since I love more than just the Mario franchise. Me being a true fan artist at heart, I still remain a Koopa artist too, but that isn't the ONLY type I am. Anyways, for the record, I still love Bowser incredibly and he will always remain the greatest character of all time to me.:rose:

I just wanted to take it easy from the Koopa art for a while. I am sorry for having Koopa fans wait longer than expected for the type of art, its just I will not draw it as frequently as I used to.:( Long story short, I still will continue to do Koopa art, just not as much as I did back then.:nod: Time to make other fandoms shine in my style. I am hoping to continue impressing you guys with my other fan art as much as I did with my Koopa art. I hope you guys don't mind the change. For the love of all Koopa and Bowser fans, here's Bowser from me to you folks!:heart: Enjoy!!

Inked in :iconadobeaiplz:
Colored in :icongimpplz:
Bowser belongs to Nintendo~
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Bowser2Queen Jul 6, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank you. x3
and peach somehow hates him?!
Bowser2Queen Jul 18, 2013   Digital Artist
Looks are not everything.Lol
Bowser2Queen Jul 19, 2013   Digital Artist
You know it's the truth. :3 That is like saying people rather date someone who is sexy and stupid, rather than someone who isn't all that good looking and is smart. Not saying Bowser is stupid, but Peach is not attracted to Bowser's ways of evil. Just because she gets kidnapped by him much, doesn't mean she likes it. 
I mean come on, that is stupid.Lol
maybe its his way to express his feelings to her. the fact that he is able to do it so easily EVERY TIME rofl
Bowser2Queen Jul 19, 2013   Digital Artist
Ummm you know Bowser doesn't do that often right? XD 
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Walldryx45 Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, it really is too great the way you've drawn!!! I love how you made ​​the ground with the details. It is extremely successful !!
Well, today I saw that Bowser was elected as the greatest villain by the Guinness World Records X3 I was not expecting it anyway. =)
I can say a big congratulations to him:clap:
Bearmonify Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I can think of a great caption for this pic.

"Welcome to Hell....*wink* Or is it heaven...?"
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